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What We Can Help You With


Grant Writing & Grant management services


Subsidy & Grant Services | Funding Scan & Advice

Fundraising Services | Event planning


Consultancy | Subsidy Advice

Project management & Planning services

Academic Proofreading & Manuscript Editing Services – Experienced PhD Editors

Budget Planning


Scientific & Medical illustrations

For manuscript, presentations, posters, websites or class material


Grant proposal proofreading & Editing

Photography services


Legal advice | for legal questions about Dutch and European legislation and regulations on subsidies

Figure & Data graphics

For scientific publications and manuscripts

Campaign designs



Dutch - English
Spanish - English

Promotional material | Brochure, Flyer, Poster Design and more

Connect with Volunteers

This service is only available in Curacao & The Netherlands


We are located in Rotterdam, “BUT WE GO WHERE THE BUSINESS IS”. We are currently active in The Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean, and Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You A Big Company?
PROMAFUN is a small, flexible and reliable company. We partner with different companies and freelancers to deliver you the best quality products. Combining talents and expertise result in successful completion of high-quality work for our customers. We firmly believe in the strength of partnerships. Both, our team and our partners are talented and creative people with a unique mix of skills together, committed to you by delivering you the best product beyond your expectations.
Do You Have Experience In Managing Grant Funded Projects?
PROMAFUN was founded in 2017. We are relatively young, but we have ample experience in managing small and big grant-funded projects. Our team have the necessary experience to execute your project management. PROMAFUN works with several other small private companies with different skills and competencies. If necessary, PROMAFUN will hire individuals with relevant competencies for the duration of a project.
Do You Offer Services for all industry?

We target companies and institutes within the different industry: Life science, Healthcare, Sports, Community service, Environmental protection, Animal health & Protection, and Art.

Are You Only Active In The Netherlands?
No, PROMAFUN has an "INTERNATIONAL" focus. We work in a trusted environment with Local & International Clients. We are located in The Netherlands, but WE GO WHERE THE BUSINESS IS. We are currently active in The Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean, and Europe.
Do I need a project manager for my project as an artist?
It may seem superfluous but a project manager is crucial since it identifies the aims and vision of the project and gives it purpose and direction. Next, the project manager works with the project team to define the tasks which need to be undertaken in order to complete the project on time and within the budget. In order to ensure that the deliverables are achieved on time, a project manager will identify potential risks, assess the impact they may have and consequently make a plan to avoid or manage them. Finally, the project manager plays an essential role in communicating the progress of the project to both the project team and the stakeholders.

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