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PROMAFUN has a global focus targeting companies and institutes within the biomedical sector, community sector, environmental sector, healthcare, Wildlife & Endangered species conservation, and Art.

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Your Project Deserves Special Attention

Good Project Management is crucial in any grant program.

Good management of projects requires time and attention and therefore our dedicated team is ready to support you with all your tasks. This means you can stay focused on the content of your project, while WE TAKE CARE OF THE REST.


Properly management from start to finish

Efficient project management is necessary and critical to the success of both simple and complex projects.

  • Monitor progress of the project.
  • Collect relevant project information from participating partners within the consortium.
  • Assist in writing.
  • Manage and supervise the proper use of the project budget.
  • Report the progress of the project with all members of the consortium.
  • Report and submit the results of the project.
  • Organize all your events, meetings and workshops (local and international).
  •  Report amendments to the project to the subsidy provider.



  • After discussing your needs, a personal project manager will be assigned for the entire duration of your project.
  • Your personal project manager will act on your behalf as the contact for the (international) consortium and the grant provider within the grant project.
  • Your personal project manager will assist in the general management of the project. Therefore, he or she will work closely with the project coordinator of your project; he or she will maintain regular contact with the project coordinator to ensure successful completion of the project.


FOR ALL YOUR PROJECT MANAGEMENT. You can begin a project with us, from initiation to completion in three industries: Life Sciences; Health, Welfare & Sports; Conservation; Wildlife; and Arts.


  • Our project managers are very dedicated and experienced in managing projects of all kind. However, as a plus, our project managers have domain knowledge in the industry that we operate. Which means that we understand the environment, which is an important aspect of managing your project effectively.
  • Your personal project manager will take care of any aspects of the project, such as project coordination, monitoring of timelines, meetings and documentation.
  • We advise you on the administrative obligations of the project and help you define follow-up projects.
  • We advise you on legal obligations. Therefore, we call on our legal consultants for advice.
  • Credibility: we do what we say we will.


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